Reach out to a Web design Birmingham agency for integrating modern web design trends to your website, and get rid of the ‘trends’ that are potentially lowering the efficiency of your website. With the passage of time, new website design trends are taking over the website development activity, and it has helped with improving the user interface and usability of the website. However, the following web design trends are long gone, and if you are still using them on your website then, you should consider having eliminated from your website:

It is no wonder that the web development reached its peak in between 2008 and 2012, and many websites took advantage of the trends by incorporating intros and auto-play media into the development of their website. Flashing introduction with booming audio was a signature for most thriving websites but—now, it is time for you to get rid of those factors, and replace it with a sophisticated alternative. Reach out to a Web design Birmingham agency for further information.

You can now assume that users simply want to purchase a product or, learn more about your service rather than being greeted by flashy graphics and audio, and whatnot. They are familiar with how a website works, and they simply need to navigate your website for finding a solution. Get rid of such a feature and have it replaced with interactive graphics and navigation bars.

Similar to auto-play introductions and media, you should consider removing auto-play ads from your website for streamlining it and improving its efficiency. A majority of the ads are backed up with a sound, which might come off intrusive to some internet users, and they would rather close your website than browsing it further.

If you separate websites for your mobile and web then, you are making a big mistake. Nobody cares about browsing through two different websites in 2020, and if your current website is not mobile-responsive and vice-versa, then it could be loss-worthy for your business. Instead, ask your web developer to make your website comply with mobile responsiveness for garnering optimal outcomes. It would help your website with garnering the right number of leads for supporting conversion on your website.